am CardioDock 2

Blood pressure management in a new dimension.


Optimized for iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®, CardioDock takes precise blood pressure readings and manages your data automatically on your mobile device.


Traditional blood pressure measurement in a completely new, modern design. Makes health monitoring  fun!

Dock and get started!

Once CardioDock is connected, VitaDock takes you to the next blood pressure reading.

Step 1

Connect CardioDock with your mobile device.

Step 2

Put on the cuff, as described on the monitor. Then press "start" to begin measuring.

Step 3

As soon as the reading is completed, the result appears on your display.


Individual comments with every measurement

After each reading additional information concerning your activities or condition can be included. It is also possible to write a short note.
Tip: the more thorough the account, the better your results can be traced later.




Diary, statistics, and monthly reports -  available immediately and everywhere

The diary allows you to retrieve each individual result once again. In addition, your values can be controlled over a longer period of time with the help of a curve diagram or you can refer to a monthly list of all data.




Revolutionary 3 MAM technology

Thanks to 3 MAM measurements receive precise results. Once started, CardioDock takes you through three following readings. Afterwards your average value is determined, which can equalize natural fluctuations up to a certain degree.