Can I also use CardioDock® with an Android device?  

Due to technical restrictions CardioDock® cannot be connected to an Android device. However, the VitaDock® App is also available for Android. Click here to learn more about how you can use the VitaDock® App also with your Android device. 


Is the VitaDock® App also available for Android?  

Yes, you can download the VitaDock® App for all Android devices with operating system 4.0 and newer here for free in the Google Play Store.  


Where can I download the CardioDock® 2 manual?

You can download it here. It is available in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch.


What is CardioDock® 2?

CardioDock® 2 is a blood pressure and pulse measuring module. Designed for measurements at home, it is characterized by a practical and comfortable design which also allows you to measure on the way.

CardioDock® 2 can be operated in combination with iPhone (3GS and newer generations), iPod touch (3. Generation and newer), iPad (all versions) and the VitaDock® App.


Is CardioDock® 2 a certified medical device?

Yes, CardioDock® 2 is certified by an authorized organization in accordance to the directive MDD 93/42/EWG.


With which devices is CardioDock® 2 compatible?

You can use CardioDock® 2 with your iPhone (3GS and newer generations), iPod touch (3. Generation and newer), and the iPad (all versions).


The provided upper-arm cuff is too small. Can I also get a larger one?

Yes, of course. You can also order the CardioDock® 2 upper-arm cuff in size L (30-42 cm) in our online store.


What is the difference between a normal blood pressure measurement and a 3MAM measurement with CardioDock® 2?

With the 3MAM measurement you can obtain more accurate readings, which is helpful especially when your blood pressure varies a lot.

Here 3 measurements are carried out simultaneously. During the single measurements there will be a pause of 15 seconds. On the display you will see the remaining time until the next measurement. The following measurements start automatically. Remain seated calmly during the measurements. When the last measurement is completed the result is displayed as a weighted average. You can add comments and save the results as usual.