Welcome to the firmware update 2.0

Thank you for your feedback over the last couple of months

We have used it to make TargetScale even better.

What's new

TargetScale® with firmware update 2.0

  Easy handling/ Less complex

  • Guided setup: First time use: convenient setup of user data via VitaDock App.
  • Measurement duration: High speed measurement, up to 33% faster.
  • Intelligent assistant: Animated symbols for a step by step guide.   
  • Memory: Up to 250 measurements are stored on the scale. Automatic data transfer when connected to VitaDock App.
  • Jumbo Display: Up to 20% bigger font to better readability.
  • Symmetry detection: Permanent balance check for more precise measurements.


  • Bluetooth connection: Standard Up to 33% faster connections.
  • Connection confirmation: Icons for established connection to Bluetooth device and VitaDock App.

 Battery life

  • Eco mode: Longer battery life.


Please download the latest version of the VitaDock app on the Apple App Store  to install the TatgetScale firmware update.





Step 1: 

Please start the VitaDock App Version 1.4








Step 2:

Before TargetScale is updating, please make sure that accus are fully charged and the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad remains close to the TargetScale until the update process is completed.

Press „Yes“ once you are ready or „no“ to cancel.




Step 3:

After pressing „Yes“ the update starts. The update process just takes about 2 minutes. The status bar shows you the current progress.

Leave TargetScale connected and do not turn off your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

TargetScale shows the Medisana logo during the Update process





Step 4: 

Congratulations, your TargetScale is now up-to-date. TargetScale automatically restarts. The Scale blinks once and shows the new firmware version on the display. If you have any further questions concerning TargetScale, please do not hesitate to contact us via the support form




Thank you for choosing and updating TargetScale. 

We appreciate your feedback and are looking forward to your ideas for the next updates. Please send us an email to

What to do, if the update fails: 

The update may fail, if you receive an incoming call or sms,or if the Bluetooth connection was disconnected, or if either TargetScale or iPhone/iPod touch/iPad was turned off.


1. Remove the batteries from TargetScale, wait a few  seconds, and insert them again.

2. Follow the update instructions from Step 1.