My Target: Your desired weight

Faster to your Target Weight - with innovative technology

Together with the iPhone®,
iPod touch® and iPad®
TargetScale supports your
weight management and will be
the design highlight in your bath


TargetScale visualizes the
distance to your personal
Target weight and analysis
your body composition: bone
mass, body fat, body water,
muscle mass and your Body
Mass Index.

Connect and Go!

Connect your iOS mobile device via Bluetooth to your TargetScale to check your weight.

Step 1

Connect your Mobile with TargetScale.

Step 2

Step on the Scale.

Step 3

After a few seconds values will be shown on your iPhone.


Enjoy reaching your desired weight.

When stepping on the scale, TargetScale will automatically identify you and allocates your respective avatar and memory. Light-circles indicate in a futuristic and modern manner the distance to your personal weight target. The closer the light ring is to the center, the closer you are to your target weight. By the way: TargetScale supports up to 4 users and additionally 8 individual users when using a mobile device.



Body analysis - measure not only weight measurement.

After measuring you will not only see your weight. You will also receive information about your bone mass, body fat, body composition and body mass index. That information is measured through BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). In connection with the information you have entered before, you will have a comprehensive overview over your body values.



Individual comments on each measurement.

You can add additional information with regards to your activity level or general feeling after each measurement. You can also add short notes to each measurement. Through that you can control your weight management even better.





Test your balance.

With our function "Balance Test" you can test, if your weight is distributed equally on both legs. The App shows on which leg you put more weight.





Check your body composition and share it.

In your personal diary inside the App you can see single results, check statistics and graphs to see longterm trends. You can also share your data with your doctor, relatives or friends via Email.




All data visible at once.