Can I also use ThermoDock® with an Android device? 

Due to technical restrictions ThermoDock® cannot be connected to an Android device. However, the VitaDock® App is also available for Android. Click here to learn more about how you can use the VitaDock® App also with your Android device. 


Is the VitaDock® App also available for Android? 

Yes, you can download the VitaDock® App for all Android devices with operating system 4.0 and newer here for free in the Google Play Store.  


Where can I download the ThermoDock® manual? 

You can download it here. It is available in six languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. 


What is ThermoDock®? 

ThermoDock® is a temperature measuring module, equipped with an innovative infrared technology. It measures both the body temperature and the temperature of liquids, surfaces and environments fast and accurate. The contact-free application makes the measurements specially hygenic and comfortable. For a test comfort that you don't want to miss. 

ThermoDock® can be used in combination with iPhone (3GS and newer generations), iPod touch (3. Generation and newer), iPad (all generations) and the VitaDock® App. 


Is ThermoDock® a certified medical device? 

Yes, ThermoDock® is certified by an authorized organization in accordance to the directive MDD 93/42/EWG. 


With which devices is ThermoDock® compatible? 

You can use ThermoDock® with your iPhone (3GS and newer generations), iPod touch (3. Generation and newer) and iPad (all generations). 


Is it possible to measure the temperature of liquids with ThermoDock®? 

With the ThermoDock® temperature measuring module you can also measure the temperature of liquids and surfaces. For this purpose, please use the "Live Mode" in your VitaDock® App. 


Does the ThermoDock® require a separate power supply? 

No. The connected iPhone, iPod touch or iPad supplies ThermoDock® with power.