I measure your temperature.

ThermoDock: Worldwide the first thermometer for the iPhone.

 With your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® ThermoDock transforms into a mobile fever thermometer. Equipped with infrared technology, it measures your current body temperature in seconds.

Requiring no extra external power supply and possessing a handsize form, ThermoDock is the perfect companion, allowing you to check your health condition wherever you are.

Dock and start!

After connecting ThermoDock with your mobile device, the next fever reading starts automatically.

Step 1

Connect ThermoDock with your mobile device.

Step 2

Hold ThermoDock centered in line with your forehead at a 5-cm distance. Then touch the monitor to start the reading.

Step 3

After a few seconds a sound signalizes the completed reading.

The result appears on your display.



Individual comments with every reading

After each reading you can enter additional information concerning your activiities or condition. The opportunity to make notes is also available. In this manner your results can be traced better afterwards.




Diary, statistics, and monthly reports - Available immediately and everywhere

Look at each individual result again in your diary, analyze your values over a longer period with the help of a curve diagram or review your monthly list of all data.





Reading surface temperatures

A feature of the "live mode" in connection with ThermoDock is its possibility to measure surface and liquid temperatures from 0 to 100° centigrade.